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Ep 14. Bioenergy, Your Healing Story & Wine Like an Old Friend

August 16, 2023 Maria Mayes
Chakras & Chardonnay
Ep 14. Bioenergy, Your Healing Story & Wine Like an Old Friend
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Ep 14.  Bioenergy, Your Healing Story & A Wine Like an Old Friend

In Episode 14 Maria is joined by Susana Camille Cox, an RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Chopra Certified Meditation and Ayurveda Instructor and Total Well-being Coach. Susana is a business owner and Texas Longhorn Cattle Rancher of 38 years as well as a Writer and Volunteer agent of Love, Peace, Wellness, Joy to humanity on our planet. 

As a lifelong learner explorer, Susana shares a quick tip to change your hydration game and then calls us to action to share our stories of healing.  

Susana is helping spread the message to Western Medicine that our bodies have the ability to heal through consciousness aka Bio Field Energy Healing. The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) is a nonprofit collaborative of scientists, practitioners, educators, innovators and artists to lead humanity to heal ourselves.  The film features interviewees such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton and others. Dr. Shamini Jain and Christina Vircillo Bresson are collaborating with the documentary which explores the research validating that these practices are not “woo-woo” but proven as real science.  Susana is helping the filmmakers of “The Energy that Heals'' coordinate interviews with people just like you and me to share your healing stories.   

To learn more about Susana and the film and share your story reach out to her at: or visit and

Featured on this episode of Chakras & Chardonnay: 

An old friend; Kendall Jackson Chardonnay

A new friend Muirwood Chardonnay

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Maria Mayes: [00:00:00] Welcome back Chakras and Chardonnay listeners. I'm so excited because today I have a guest Susana Camille Cox and Susana and I met actually last year at a retreat in Southern California put on by Chopra. And she is a RYT 200 yoga instructor, as well as a certified meditation teacher, Ayurvedic instructor, and a total well being coach.

So it's really fun for me to have someone on the podcast that has gone through the same curriculum that I have. And Susana's also a retreat presenter and been a small business owner for over 38 years. She's a farmer, uh, farming Texas longhorn cattle. And a writer and also a volunteer agent of love, peace, wellness, joy to the humanity of our planet. And so as a lifelong explorer, she is now [00:01:00] exploring chakras and chardonnays with us. And I'm just so grateful that she's here. Thank you so much, for being on the show today. 

Susana Camille Cox: Thank you, Maria, for such a beautiful introduction. And I'm super, super delighted to be here and see you again.

And then we saw each other recently also in Hawaii. 

Maria Mayes: Yes, we were just in the big island of Hawaii. And after, um, after the retreat, the meditation retreat, which was absolutely amazing. I know my family and I spent some time, um, in the Kona area and you explored quite a bit of Hawaii with your husband, right?

Susana Camille Cox: Yeah, we jumped over to Kauai for another week. And do you know, I'm still rippling from seduction of spirit and I didn't really realize it was so subtle. It was going on. It's like, Oh my gosh. Yeah. Experience. Huh? Yeah. 

Maria Mayes: So Susan, was talking about seduction of spirit. That's the retreat that we went on with the last retreat that [00:02:00] Chopra put on of this type of meditation retreat.

And so it was a very deep dive. And that ripple, as she said, I'm feeling it too. I mean, it's, it's, it's amazing how profound experiences like that continue to kind of show up each day. Right. 

Susana Camille Cox: Absolutely. And I love this life I'm having. 

Maria Mayes: Oh, so tell us more about, um, if I left anything out of the bio about you and then jump in whenever you're ready to share a wellbeing tip with our listeners.


Susana Camille Cox: Wellbeing tip. This is a real simple one and it's really kind of funny because I had not occurred to me until recently that, you know, I'm downloading water, good water, as much as I can, staying hydrated. And I didn't realize that it was really beneficial, not only to download the water, but to introduce movement.

Directly after, whether it be yoga, walking, you know, some form [00:03:00] of exercise. Because when you introduce movement, it, it allows the water to go through to the cells and organs in the body. And otherwise, if you just drink your water, which is great, drink your water, but you drink your water, you sit there.

Well, we know what happens after we drink water, which is great. We have kidneys. We need that. But for it to really get in there and be super beneficial all over the body, we need movement. Oh, 

Maria Mayes: Beautiful. Yeah, I never really thought of that. That's such a good point that you know, hydration is such such a key component.

And I think a lot of, you know, symptoms that we get within our lives, oftentimes, the first thing we can do is just am I hydrated? Right? I know. I find myself, um, with symptoms that that's the number one thing that I check for to start is what's my hydration level. So I love that. But then to add the movement component just after that to get it moving around.

Susana Camille Cox: Yeah. It's [00:04:00] really interesting. It's like, Oh, I'm with this long in life and didn't realize that 

Maria Mayes: That's, that's amazing. And so you were talking before we jumped on to about bioenergetics, do you want to share a little bit more about that? Yeah, 

Susana Camille Cox: What I'll give you is a brief on, on a little bit about my life and my history, um, very brief as, um, back in the day, we're talking 25, 30 years ago, and really most of my adult life until about 10 years ago, my struggles were with depression, anxiety, and I did what a lot of people did.

I went straight to the antidepressant, the Xanax or whatever, I wanted the Band Aid because that was uncomfortable for me to feel it and really, as we know, it's unprocessed emotions, right? Everyone wants to stop it. And this is just how we're conditioned. And, and that's fine. And that's just, you know, the era that I was in.

And, um, over time and probably around, you know, 25 years ago, I [00:05:00] discovered Reiki. healing, energy healing. And, and then I realized the benefits. And then I also, um, then became a Reiki practitioner. I think it's called level two. And I, and I didn't even realize why I was doing that, but I also realized that, Oh, well, I'm getting some help here.

And then over, At the time it, you know, I, I discovered yoga in 2013 and then began to reap the benefits of that and then meditation and so on and then really dove in deep in 2017 and, you know, education, all that. Well that said, I was healing myself through these practices, the meditation going inward and I knew that it was over with to reach for an antidepressant.

It was over with for me. And I was like, okay, the only way this is going to happen is if I go inward and heal. Well, why I say this is because I have just recently been, uh, asked to [00:06:00] join in, uh, with a, um, a film that's being done, a documentary. And it's about the energy that heals. That's the title. And I've been joining in on salons.

Uh, meetings on zoom with other people who have experienced healing through energy bio field energy healing, which I'll talk about that in a second. And, um, I've been, uh, discovering that it's mostly women so far that have been joining in these meetings. And we're talking about our stories, our healing stories.

Now, some people that are on the calls are, um, psychotherapists, some are neuroscientists, some are just. Um, teach educators, teachers, and, um, just, or just people or patients who have experienced healing. So our whole, um, message is to get this out, and how can we get this out to Western, uh, uh, the Western medical?

And so who, who is doing [00:07:00] this and who is, who's spearheaded this is Dr. Shamini Jain, Jan. She's a psychologist, scientist, social entrepreneur, and she's the founder and CEO at Consciousness and Healing Initiative, otherwise named CHI. So it's a non profit collaborative with educators, neuroscientists, psychologists, and her, her website is for any of us to go to, to, uh, if you're, if you're a, let's say, um, you're a healer, you're, you're a doctor, you're a nurse.

You're out there working with, with patients. There's CEs that you can take courses in this energy healing. So, long and short, let's, let's, let's give the simple explanation. What is bio filled energy healing? Biofields, plural, energy and information that guides our health [00:08:00] and, and so it's teaching about our interconnectedness between us in a world where we hear so much about separate, they're pushing us at us about, we're all separate.

Well, as we know, we all, all one. Mm-hmm. . So the bioenergy healing we're talking about in Christianity, it would be the laying on of hands. Okay. Or, um, and then also Reiki, energy healing, uh, healing touch, massage, meditation, and the body's, uh, innate ability to heal itself and how, you know, there's studies that, yes, we can heal ourselves and we can heal others.

And this is backed by science, and this is what helps get this out and give it credibility to the western world of medical is that, hey, Harvard's done research on this. This is real. And now we can quantify it and say, Hey, you know what, this is, this isn't some, uh, woo woo. 

Maria Mayes: Right. [00:09:00] Right. I love that with the Chi organization.

Well, I love the name, right. But, um, uh, with that organization that the focus is on specifically the Western medical community, because there is this disconnect, I think for the majority. And, and I think for you and I, Um, since we kind of run in these same circles, you know, this is like old information, right?

We, this is all stuff we know, right? But then when we come into an environment where it's brand new, and I'll give you an example. I just taught a, um, I'm working with a, the doctors in residency program at the local children's hospital. And the first session we did an introductory to breath work and we did a variety of different breathwork practices.

And as I started, I asked, okay, does anybody in here have a breathwork practice? And there was probably between the residents and some of the traveling residents that were visiting the hospital, maybe 25 to 30, I would say doctors in there and residency program and no one had a breathwork practice. I said, [00:10:00] well, what about meditation?

Does anybody do meditation regular? Not one hand raised. What about, you know, any movement practices, yoga? One, one hand raised and then, um, you know, some that have fitness practices, but as we kind of went through these different methods to tune in and to tune out to the world and tune into ourselves, I found that there was very little, uh, what I would refer to as self care practices within that community.

So, and it And as I left that day, I was just, my brain was just like, I can't believe that here in this particular environment where it's so, so important to show up, you know, for the patient, not that they're not showing up, but that, that, that they have to, it's such a stressful environment because of the, you know, the emotionally charged nature of working with parents whose children are sick and the sick children themselves.

And that's just so much on these humans that they haven't yet. [00:11:00] Um, you know that they're not leveraging some of these practices, so I'm so excited to hear that and want to learn more about it because I think it's I do a lot of work with with health care and mental health world and I I just think it's it's so needed.

It's so needs to be more ingrained to the point where the next time I go in, it's like everybody's gotta practice, right? 

Susana Camille Cox: Right? Yeah. Well, we're so conditioned to reach for the external, right? Turning in and here I am, you know, here I am. Well, wait, I'm, I'm my higher self, my highest consciousness knows the answers to the solutions to every, every thing that I need down to the wire.

So, but yeah, this film, uh, is going to interview and they've already started the filming. It's going to be filmed approximately in a year span. And it's interviews with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, for example, some other neuroscientists. And, um, Psychologists and then also patients accounts [00:12:00] of their, of their healing stories of how the energy healing has, has taken them through and brought them to the other side of wellness.

And, uh, as you know, when we experience wellness through, through the energy healing practices over overall. Well being then what comes next is what joy Real true joy for no reason at all happiness for no reason Yeah, so we're seeking that and then when we have that what we have good health We're down playing the bad genes or upgrading the good genes.

Mm hmm. So but yeah, so and I don't want to Go without mentioning, uh, also the co creator of this film is, um, Christina Varsilo Bresson, and she is the vice president of brand and content at Chopra. And she's the director of, um, The Way of Miracles. film in 2021 where she did something [00:13:00] similar and co creating with Dr.

Chopra and others. And, uh, also she is the founder CEO of Three One Creative and they're in New York. Um, so this is who is helping spearhead this with Dr. Shalmani. And I just found it fascinating. I've met twice now, and I'm just like, Oh, my God, you guys, what you're doing is incredible. The work you're doing.

And so what I want to say to that is that if anyone I'm going to be hosting so so ons of my own online, and then I do one in person. And then the hopes is that Dr. Shalmani and Christina will attend, and they have offered that, but that's a very real possibility that they'll come to an in person, so on.

So the whole purpose is how can we all get together, brainstorm on this, and figure out how to connect to those people, like you were saying, the Children's Hospital, those people that aren't aware of this. And how can we give it [00:14:00] credibility? Well, now we've got the research behind it, which is great. Even scientific American magazine is publishing on this.

Isn't that just 

Maria Mayes: exciting? It's such a exciting time to be in this line of work, right? Because seeing the validation come out from modern sciences just makes it, that's what we all need. We all need that type of validation, right? And, um, so it makes it much more palatable to those that might. 

Susana Camille Cox: Yeah. And it's cutting edge.

This is cutting edge. It's East meets West. I'm always saying East is meeting West. 

Maria Mayes: Love it. And Christina is such a joy. I know. Um, I had the chance to work with her when we worked together on, uh, some segments that Chopra had done and her, the way of miracles. I'll have to put that in the show link because that is a beautiful movie.

It's just, uh, you know, really helps you open your eyes to the potential within yourself To heal. [00:15:00] 

Susana Camille Cox: So, beautiful. So, fostering healing in ourselves and also in others. Okay. 

Maria Mayes: So, if someone is interested in joining, let's say they're not. Close to you in person because you're traveling right now. You're in Mexico, New Mexico.

Um, but if someone's interesting in, in joining the salon, because they've had a healing experience, whether it be a, uh, a really long one or a short one, um, how do they get ahold of you? How do they, how do they join? Let's, 

Susana Camille Cox: let's go with an email if you want, then we could just also send me, send them to my website, which is still developing, but it does have a contact me on there.

Okay, we can also just shoot my email out there and they can touch base. And I know that we have a, uh, several salons coming up in the, uh, August the 21st through the 25th with options of [00:16:00] different times, which will help. You know, and then also, Maria, I would love you to join me. 

Maria Mayes: Yeah, I will definitely look at my schedule on those, because I'd love to.

I mean, my, my healing has been a long ongoing one, but as you shared your journey at the beginning, the time frame. Um, is kind of similar in, in how I, um, was drawn into some of these, these techniques and tools and wisdoms. And you know, it's, as you know, the deeper we get into it, the realize the more we realize it's always been there, that little tinkle in childhood or that, you know, that no wonder I always wanted to do that so that these, these teachings and these tools are the wisdom of that is what's inside of them.

And we each, I do believe have our own unique capacity to heal, but it's. It's working with someone like Susanna here or myself or another healer practitioner to help you remember to help pull that 

Susana Camille Cox: out. Right. Yeah. Right. And trusting in the [00:17:00] wisdom of our own bodies and our own self. That's beautiful. 

Maria Mayes: Well, with that, I'd love to wrap that piece of it up there and move this conversation into one about wine.

And if you're 

Susana Camille Cox: up for that. Oh, yeah. Why not? 

Maria Mayes: Why not? So, so tell me what type of wine do you like to mindfully sip? 

Susana Camille Cox: Okay, here's my go to. Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. Okay. 

Say? My county, Sonoma County, 

Maria Mayes: Sonoma County Chardonnays. And so, um, tell me why you like the Kendall Jackson Chardonnay.

Susana Camille Cox: You know what? I think it just is, is very smooth to me. It's not too much of anything. It just tastes good and goes down real easy. And it's, uh, it just [00:18:00] doesn't give me a bad feeling the next day. I mean, everything in moderation. Right? Right. A whole bottle. Yeah, that would be bad. But a glass or two, you know, it just doesn't affect me in any sort of negative way physically.

Maria Mayes: And you like the smoothness of the taste. Anything else on the taste that draws you to it? 

Susana Camille Cox: I don't know. It's just kind of like one of those old familiar. It's like, oh, there's the KJ. 

Maria Mayes: The old familiar friend, right? Yeah, I 

Susana Camille Cox: just kind of light up when we go out to eat and I go, do you have Kendall Jackson Chardonnay by chance?

And they have all these really expensive wines, you know, and you know, and I'm just like, they're looking at me like, yeah. You know, and when they say yes, I go, Oh my gosh, thank you so much. 25 glass stuff. And I'm like, no, no, no. I want this 10 

Maria Mayes: glass. Yep. It does. It doesn't have to be real expensive to be real good.

Right. I love that. Coming back to the old [00:19:00] friend. Well, I'm excited to hear more about this project and I definitely want to follow up with you on. The salons and then I, some, some way, somehow we are going to get together and have a glass of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay together. 

Susana Camille Cox: How about that? I know that's right.

Maria Mayes: Beautiful. Well, thanks again, Suzana, for coming on and sharing this. information about bioenergetics, about the documentary. What's the name of the documentary? Is there a name yet? The 

Susana Camille Cox: Energy 

Maria Mayes: That Heals. The Energy That Heals. The Energy That Heals. And so, um, if you are interested, if you're listening and interested in learning more, there'll be links in the show notes to that.

If you're interested in joining in, there'll be links in the show notes. And, um, God, it was such a pleasure. So beautiful to see you again and so grateful for you to be on. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. Thank 

Susana Camille Cox: you, my love. I [00:20:00] appreciate you.