Chakras & Chardonnay

Ep. 18: Daily Practices for Connecting with Spirit & Torrontés

September 13, 2023 Maria Mayes Season 1 Episode 18
Chakras & Chardonnay
Ep. 18: Daily Practices for Connecting with Spirit & Torrontés
Show Notes

Ep. 18: Ep 18: Daily Practices for Connecting with Spirit & Torrontés

In Episode 18, Maria is joined by Darci Jean Brown, a Spiritual Guide and Empathic Guide in Meditation.. Darci specializes in guiding individuals of all ages to explore the advantages of spiritual well-being. With a global clientele, she has effectively assisted people in unlocking their potential to connect with their higher selves and the Universe. She is also the mastermind behind Soul Boost Meditation, a community that offers techniques and advice for receiving messages and enhancing one's intuition. Through this, individuals can rediscover their inner guidance system to gain clarity in navigating life's challenges.

Darci not only offers a safe space for clients seeking clarity but is also the author of "A Growing Soul Misdiagnosed." In her book, she candidly shares her personal journey of being misdiagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder at the age of 17. It was only years later that she realized her spiritual abilities and how meditation played a pivotal role in her self-healing journey.

Darci guides us through tips in creating daily practices to cultivate a lifestyle of clarity and connection to spirit.  Maria & Darci then talk about their shared love of Torrontes, lesser-known wine that is a delight to the nose and palette. 

In this Episode, Darci guides Maria and listeners through a powerful meditation to receive a message from spirit.  

Featured on this episode of Chakras & Chardonnay: 

To connect with and work with Darci: and on Instagram: @soulboostmeditation

The background sounds used by Darci in the meditation originate from pieces of Dr. Wayne Dyer's work here.

Torrontes Wines featured today: 

Fäsi Argentina Torrontés – 2021

Zuccardi Torrontes Serie A

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