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Ep. 19: Your Worth; The Power of Retreating & Sparkling Rosé

September 20, 2023 Maria Mayes Season 1 Episode 19
Chakras & Chardonnay
Ep. 19: Your Worth; The Power of Retreating & Sparkling Rosé
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In Episode 19, Maria is joined by Micole Noble, Chopra Global Coach Mentor, Transformational Leader and two-time Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author in Sacred Spaces: Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, and Home Transformation & The Queen Bee: Embody Your Truth & Live Fully Expressed. This is a must-listen for any woman who has never taken herself on a retreat or who has struggled with the question of self-worth. Since 2011, Micole has educated, coached, and mentored many in her work for Chopra Global, both in person and online. Sharing Vedic and life wisdom through coaching, writing, and continuing to experiment on herself allows her spiritual journey and path to healing to continue. A true devotion to travel and transformation has fueled her passion for creating sacred spaces to retreat in fabulous locales like Lumeria Maui Retreat Center, Carmel Valley Ranch Resort, and coming soon, a pilgrimage to India in 2025. Micole has a heart-centered approach to everything she does and deeply listens to others with curiosity and joy. She facilitates the planting of seeds into the fertile ground of pure potential while detaching from outcomes. Micole helps us get curious about our worth and invites us to consider retreating as a powerful form of tapping into our worth, whether it’s a few hours without a phone, a weekend or a full week's escape.  Micole and Maria talk about how as women we have been conditioned to not feel worthy of taking time to retreat by ourselves when we are caretakers for others and how in fact taking time for ourselves in retreat is one of the most powerful things we can do to better serve those we love.  They also talk about Maria’s journey from doing to being and their shared love of the bubbles. Micole shares her passion for sparkling wines and recommendations including a discovery on her recent trip to Paris.  Make sure to stick around till the end when Micole leads us on a beautiful guided meditation. 

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Maria Mayes: Well, welcome back chakras and chardonnay listeners. I'm so excited today to be back with you. And I have a very special guest. Micole Noble is joining me today. And Micole is a Chopra Global Coach Mentor.

She's a transformational leader and a two time Amazon number one bestselling author in two books. One is Sacred Spaces, Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, and Home Transformation. And the other, The Queen Bee, Embody Your Truth and Live Fully Expressed. Since 2011, Micole has educated, coached, and mentored many in her work for Chopra Global, including yours truly, both in person and online.

And she shares Vedic and life wisdom through coaching, writing, and continuing to experiment on herself. And that allows her spiritual journey and path. of healing to continue. A true devotion to travel and transformation has fueled her passion for creating sacred spaces to retreat and [00:01:00] fabulous locales like Lumeria Maui Retreat Center, Carmel Valley Ranch Resort, and coming soon, a pilgrimage to India in 2025.

So Micole has a heart centered approach to everything, and I can attest to this as her client, she does, and deeply listens to others with curiosity and joy. She facilitates the planting of seeds into the fertile ground of pure potential, while detaching from outcomes. People experience becoming lighter, living more on purpose, and feeling more connected to themselves and those around them.

Micole is living the seven spiritual laws of success by giving to others while also expanding her own capacity to receive and is truly an example for others to put themselves first. I'm going to repeat that because it bears repeating. She is an example for others to put first so that they may have more to give to those that they love the most.

Micole has a BS in communications from Cal State San Marco and has three [00:02:00] life coaching certifications and is also happily married to Todd, her high school sweetheart and mom of two amazing young men, Trevor and Gavin. And I am just going to add a little personal testimony that Micole has been directly responsible for helping me step into being in life.

Not just doing, doing, doing, doing, doing like I used to, but truly learning how to be, be fully present. So for that, I thank you, Micole and I thank you for being on the podcast with me today. I'm so excited. 

Micole Noble: Oh my goodness, I have tears in my eyes just listening to you read, read my bio and put your own testimonial in there.

I just adore you and, and this is such a pleasure to be here. 

Maria Mayes: Did I leave anything out in terms of the work 

Micole Noble: you're doing right now? No, you, you said mostly what I've been up to, which I mentor or, uh, Mentor other coaches on the path to becoming Chopra coaches [00:03:00] like yourself And myself and so I love what I get to do on the daily which is support our coaching certification program and also coach coaches. 

Maria Mayes: And it was such a, you know, as I reflect back in my time through the program, the amount of, you know, you go into those programs oftentimes with maybe an end goal of becoming, um, you know, a certified coach in this example, right.

But the outcomes are, are so beyond that, that the certification itself just kind of. It's like this little tiny piece of it because of all of the expansion that comes as a result of the self work that you do in the program. So, 

Micole Noble: so amazing. Absolutely. Well, I love to say with all of our teachings at Chopra that we bring our own expression.

To the teachings and you are such a beautiful example of that. I'm, I just adore chakras and Chardonnay and [00:04:00] everything you do, bringing mindfulness into wine tasting, which are two of my favorite things in the world. I can't say enough just about how you have really bloomed and that I even had a. Harden it just makes me so 

Maria Mayes: happy.

Oh, I love that. Well, one of the things I was thinking you could share, um, Share with us is just in in thinking about how you've helped me step into being What have you found if you kind of look from the 10 000 foot view within your client base? Am I alone or do a lot of us get caught up in this and if so what are some of the ways we can step out of it?

Micole Noble: You are certainly not alone. You are verified human. The problem mostly with the human experience is we've become human doing. We actually are spiritual beings having a human experience and it's, we just [00:05:00] forget, you know, this is what we learn in our program about coaching is just helping people to remember who they are.

And so I guided you back to you, which you started, you came into this world as a human being. And so it's just not really. Even learning anything new, but remembering who you are and unraveling just all the programming and conditioning and things that happen to all of us. And so, again, it's just such a joy to be able to remind people.

Who they are and how powerful they are and how they can have anything they want. I truly get to do what I love every single day, which is just remind people of that. And in the process, I get to remind myself because I forget too. I also am having a human experience. And so it's just a beautiful giving and receiving to, you know, remind people and then be reminded.

For sure. 

Maria Mayes: And, and you do it so [00:06:00] effortlessly and beautifully to, uh, with your clients and as a mentor to us coaches. So I'd love for you to share a little bit about, um, your most recent book and the theme around retreats and taking time for self. Because I think along the lines of us doing, doing, doing, oftentimes we can find ourselves, at least I used to find myself there and still do at times where I don't have time.

to take time for myself. Well, when you don't, that's going to catch up to you. And I'm living proof of, uh, what happens when you don't take time for yourself. So I'd love you to share a little bit about the, the, what you share in the book and, and just, you know, how you help people step out of that doing and into being by taking time for self.

Thank you. So, 

Micole Noble: The Queen Bee, which is the book you're referring to, which we just launched in May of this year, is a beautiful compilation, really, of stories of [00:07:00] powerful women from all over, and my story, my chapter, happens to be about my own journey to now leading retreats I, myself, left the corporate world many years ago and treated myself to my very first retreat at Chopra in 2009.

And I remember it took a lot for me to invest in myself in that way, and it did feel selfish. To spend that amount of money on myself and all the things, right, that, that go with that. And so I share in the chapter, you know, a good friend of mine, we're walking recently, very recently. And I was sharing with her about my passion for travel and wanting to lead retreats and beautiful locations all over the world.

And, and she said to me, you know, I just feel like it's selfish to, to put myself first like that, to spend money on myself. And I was like. You know, blown away by [00:08:00] that because I live in a bubble, first of all, having been around these teachings for so long, I assume, oh, everybody retreats, right? Right. So many women don't believe that they're worth it or to, or to invest in themselves in that way to, to trust that when we do invest in ourselves, it comes back to us tenfold.


Maria Mayes: Right. That, and that we shame, that kicks in the mom. Guilt. The shame that I can't, when really it's literally the best thing we can do as a mother. Well, and I 

Micole Noble: say in the chapter, you know, it's, it's, again, retreating is a thing now, right? And it's been a thing for, for centuries. So getting out of our environments and into a space where we can really reflect, we can really go within.

And it's, it's difficult to do that in our own environments because we're distracted by so many things. And even, you know, [00:09:00] especially those that work from home and right, there's always 10 more things that we could be doing. So to really get out of your own environment and just spend that time pondering the questions, you know, who am I, what do I want?

How can I serve? Uh, what am I grateful for? So reconnecting to, again, who we really are at the level of self. And I speak from my own experience because I remember being there. And so I talk about that in the chapter, you know, just all the things that retreating has given to me and my first breath.

Session transformational breath work was done at a retreat, which my friend Carol and I, my very best friend, she lives in Las Vegas, we're revamping this retreat that we attended in 2010, so a long time ago. It's called Worth. And so Worth Weekend is going to happen in Las Vegas in [00:10:00] October, October 20th through the 22nd.

And that retreat is also a tribute to my friend Cindy Fullenkamp, who unfortunately passed away from cancer. Who also the Queen Bee book is a tribute to, and her work with Feminine Mastery, which is about the archetypes in nature, and uh, calling in Honey Bee, and the Dragonfly, and the Butterfly, and, and those attributes.

Of those archetypes, which are in all of us. And so anyway, we're going to put our own spin on it, but it really is the retreat we did so long ago to really go deep into what is worth mean, even the word, what are we worth? What's our value beyond the roles we play? So going to that really deep. Spiritual level that just our existence is enough to start [00:11:00] being, going back to being just that we're here is enough.

And, you know, Marianne Williamson wrote an incredible book back in 1993, A Woman's Worth, which I'm rereading talk about powerful message, just again, about women who have forgotten. Who they are. And we, we all have gotten pulled into these, you know, roles and, you know, in a very masculine world, this is about bringing the feminine and the importance of that rebalancing.

And it's been going on for a while now. We're seeing more of it, but it's still, you know, still a little bit lean still 

Maria Mayes: out there. So interesting. There's actually been a little theme. Surprisingly, and not surprisingly, because that's the way the universe works with some of the conversations I've had this week on the podcast in stepping back into that, engaging with that [00:12:00] more feminine part of ourselves within even just relationships.

Right. And so, um, where I myself have found, stepping into more of the masculine energy. A lot, not only through work but in my relationship and it's it's pretty eye opening when you start to look at it from that lens and we all have them all and we need them both right but but learning how to.

Leverage and balance those and tune into a more, uh, one more than the other at different times is just kind of a skill set, right? Would you say it's a skill? 

Micole Noble: Absolutely. And Marianne Williamson, I said in this book, it is so interesting if you look at it historically, you know, just the roles women have played and how, you know, The feminist movement [00:13:00] has allowed us, we've made some progress, sometimes it's hard to see, but we've made some progress, but then we've almost gone too far the other way, where what you're saying is then, you know, then we find ourselves wanting to do the same things that men do and women are different, you know, we have different roles and allowing ourselves to play those roles, but without getting Thank You know, too sucked into letting ourselves completely, you know, have to be something or not.

So it is a tricky balance. And what you're saying is it is a skill. It's something to practice and notice when, when am I really, especially as entrepreneurs, because we do have to be that, you know, ambitious, get out there and, you know, So whatever it is, you know, we, like we need the masculine energy sometimes to make things happen.

And how can I do that in a way that still honors my femininity and my allowing myself to have emotions. God forbid, you know, that's [00:14:00] one of the things I love about coaching is honoring our emotions as our guides. We've been told we're too emotional. We're too sensitive. I heard this morning on NPR, um, an interview.

I can't remember the gal's name. It's a tricky name, but she's, um, the one that sings in Let It, she sings Let It Go and Frozen, that actress. Anyway, she has a new album out and it's called Drama Queen. Oh wow. You know, I'm really taking back this word, drama, because we've made drama the fact that we're Passionate and romantic and all these things we've made it mean a bad thing.

Oh, you're right. Human qualities. Like, yeah, I'm a drama queen. So what? But it's the same thing. Looking at where we've made these things about ourself, like selfish, what do we make these words mean? What is worth? Oh, I'm worth it. What does that mean to say that and actually live your life like that? Yeah.

Yeah, that definitely. The beingness of it versus just the [00:15:00] saying it. 

Maria Mayes: I love that. And that's a big part of what you helped me through is just stepping into exploring those definitions and Is it being versus doing just saying the word versus actually embodying it and acting it out within In this physical form, right?

I love it. So for listeners who are thinking okay Must be nice. I don't have time to retreat and I can't spend the money on myself to retreat. That's just that's great That's for you ladies, but you know, I just don't whether they're female or male just don't have the time and Maybe don't have the funds or don't believe they're worth spending the funds on themselves.

What do you say to that? What can we encourage them with? 

Micole Noble: Yeah, again, I remember being there and you know, I just encourage if you can't get away for A week long retreat, which yes, is a very [00:16:00] luxurious thing to do to find that time and again, to really get away from things and everything that that takes right to, to organize our lives, even to get away for a whole week, 

Maria Mayes: getting all the kids taken care of and the schedules and the, you know, I'm getting flashback as you're saying that, you know, when I was, younger and had younger children, this thought would have been completely, absolutely foreign.

I would have fought it with everything in my bone, but yet for work, I would go away for, you know, four days at a time. I would do all that it took to, you know, make sure the schedules were good. The clothes were there. The caretaking was done. The food was purchased, like all the things to let me then go do that work trip, but I would never do it for myself.

Isn't that interesting? And now it's, it's. It's become a lifestyle to support self so that I can truly [00:17:00] care and show up as my best self 

Micole Noble: for my children and for my family. So it's putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first. We, we have more to give when we give to ourselves in this way. So you're absolutely right.

And it. It is a lot. And going back to sort of the roles that women play, we are responsible for all the details. Don't you notice like how many details we have to manage and just to get away everything that needs to happen. So I sympathize. And at the same time, I would say it's why Carol and I are actually doing this worth weekend.

You know, you can invest a weekend in yourself. Come on. I mean, right. Like, if you're not saying to yourself, I'm worth a weekend to myself, then you want to check that. And at the same time, I would say start small. If that even feels like too much, you know, [00:18:00] Set aside a day for yourself to just turn off your phone.

Mm. Create your own little retreat at home, or even find a, a spa or a, or a meditation garden or somewhere you can go for an afternoon, go 

Maria Mayes: somewhere in nature. Go to, I know a big part of what got me through the initial, uh, part of the pandemic was just. Getting out, doing hikes, taking little day trips to the beach or day trips to, um, the mountains to be built, to just be in the healing power of nature.

So we all have, I mean, even if you're in a really densely populated city, typically, if you, you take an hour drive in one direction, you're going to get into a little nature, so. Yeah. 

Micole Noble: And so, you know, we know small changes over time make the biggest difference. So if it feels like too much. Or too much of a leap, you know, to say, I'm going to go on a week long retreat for myself or, uh, you know, I'm putting together a group to go to India [00:19:00] for some people that's on their bucket list, right?

I know it was online and now that I've been there, I want to take people back. And so if that's something you are interested in, let me know. You know, so, so maybe it's planning that far out, having something like that to look forward to. You know, we're putting a hundred bucks a month aside, you know, to, to create something just, it starts when we buy the tickets.

It's like anything, it's for the experience of it. So just when we buy the airline tickets, we start to put ourselves there. You know, it's like the vacation. So much of it goes into just planning of it. And that's what I'm a big proponent of is really having a vision. Of something I was just in Paris over the summer and, you know, and I watched Emily in Paris where she went to champagne for the weekend.

We'll get into wine in a minute. Right? Yeah, we're there. We're there. But going to champagne for the weekend. I'm like, Oh, no, I'm doing that. And so plan [00:20:00] the outfits, you know, we stayed at a Chateau in Champaign like. Like it all started just in the having the vision of it. I started to like put myself there and get excited about it.

And then once I was there, I was like, Oh my God, like who created this whole thing? Like I felt I was, I was in my own movie, right? Wow. Yeah. Everything we do is for the experience of it. 

Maria Mayes: Right, right. And the energy that you're creating as you're having that vision, as you're visualizing yourself there, the excitement, that lift of your vibration, that's going to help you bring it into fruition.

I have chills just talking 

Micole Noble: about it. And as we do that, like you're saying, the energy that the universe responds to that, that's the you telling the universe more of that, please. Yes. More of these experiences, more of these opportunities. So going back to what you said about the embodiment, it's one thing to know a bunch of things and have concepts around things, but to actually live our [00:21:00] lives like that, to really be practicing these things that we're preaching.

And so. I want to lead retreats because I love going on retreats. I love traveling. I love just learning about other cultures and parts of the world and other people. And that's what life is about. Of course, I want to share that. So it just seems like a natural, you know, progression. Yeah. So if someone's 

Maria Mayes: listening and interested in going on one of these with you, where do they find you?

We'll put all the stuff in the show notes, but, um, 

Micole Noble: where do they find you? Well, my website will have all the information about upcoming events. So, uh, just my name, micolenoble.Com. And I am on social, uh, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. You can connect with me that way. Send me an email a DM, you know, there's lots of ways to connect and yeah, and one thing I'm Wanting to do more of as well is work [00:22:00] directly with properties.

So so smaller boutique hotels here in San Diego I've reached out to a few and I would love to do them all over but really going into Hotels and properties to curate retreats because people now are traveling again and people want to have an experience to go along with their hotel stay. So hotels are looking for ways to, to, to create more of an experience for their guests.

Maria Mayes: And speaking of experience. Let's talk about the experience of a mindful glass of wine. What a beautiful addition. And what is your favorite type of wine, Micole, to mindfully taste? 

Micole Noble: Well, I'm a Pinot Noir girl, and though my favorite thing is sparkling rosé. The bubbles. 

Maria Mayes: Champagne. The bubbles. So what, tell me about what it is, what is it [00:23:00] about the bubbles that draws you in?

Micole Noble: You know, I remember I used to go to breakfast when my kids were small. We'd go to breakfast on like a Sunday and I would order a glass of champagne or sparkling and my boys, I don't remember how old they were, but they were like, mom, every time we go out, you order a glass of champagne. I said, I don't know about every time.

But I said, there's always something to celebrate. I think champagne just really is a reminder. There's always something we can be celebrating. There's 

Maria Mayes: always something to get bubbly about. 

Micole Noble: Right. And that's. Spirit, just the spirit of the bubbles and the effervescence, I think is a reminder of that's how I like to live life and, you know, being in Champaign, we got to go on some amazing tours.

Oh, incredible. I just can't even. So 

Maria Mayes: have a preferred, uh, [00:24:00] What's your palate? Do you like a brut, an extra brut? What, where are you on the range there? 

Micole Noble: Well, I love sparkling rosé, that's actually my favorite. And there's, there's a, a winery in, um, Paso Robles, Laetitia. They have a, an excellent, uh, sparkling rosé.

That's one of my favorites. We also Our owners part owners in Willamette Valley Vineyards up in Oregon, and they opened a domain. So, which means so because we know champagne only comes from the champagne region, but lots of. You know, the champagne method is used in lots of which you shared a lovely bottle with me recently.

I'm sparkling 

Maria Mayes: from your favorite was made with the champenoise traditional method. Yeah. Yeah. Which for listeners is just the secondary fermentation is in the bottle versus in the tank. So a little bit more label it labor intensive, which means typically a little bit [00:25:00] more. high on the price, but not, not always. I mean, there's, there's some really amazing sparklings that, um, are available to us now for a reasonable price point.

So in Willamette Valley, tell us a little bit more. 

Micole Noble: Yeah, so we got to go, they opened the, the domain sort of tasting location and got to do a tour and what you're saying, showing us kind of, you know, the whole process and then being in Champaign, we got to do the same thing at Louminoir which is one of my newest favorites, a little more expensive, but worth it.

Such a beautiful bottle, the packaging, the, the process, they have these caves that are... 

It is unbelievable. I just have such more of an appreciation for everything that goes into every single bottle. And even the... You know, what they're doing on the level of sustainability and, you know, looking at the soil and, you know, because with climate change, there's so many different things now that they're having [00:26:00] to look at and do things differently.

And I don't know, it's just fascinating. I'm, I'm a nerd when it comes to the science of things. So I was so into it, but it makes me appreciate every, you know, even more every single time we weigh a bottle, you know, what goes into that and. All the people that it employs and, and provides for as well. And that 

Maria Mayes: step of gratitude or appreciation is actually in step five of the mindful Take 5 wine tasting process, where not only do we reflect on the finish or the aftertaste, the wine leaves us with, but also.

All the different beings, right, that were doing the work to produce that beautiful gift that's in your glass. So I love that. I love that you step into it with such appreciation and joy and you're just a joy. And now, I would love, so I usually guide us through a little guided relaxation at the end of these [00:27:00] episodes, but I would love if you'd be willing to, Nicole, to guide us in a little relaxation.


Micole Noble: I'd love to. One of my favorite things is to guide people into grounding, using our breath, just an opportunity to get present. So, we find a comfortable seat. Wherever we are, maybe even make some space around you. If you find there's lots of things, just move them aside. And closing our eyes when we're ready.