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Ep. 35:The Healing Power of Thermography and Holistic Wellness

February 21, 2024 Maria Mayes Season 2 Episode 35
Chakras & Chardonnay
Ep. 35:The Healing Power of Thermography and Holistic Wellness
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In Episode 35 of Chakras and Chardonnay, host Maria Mayes sits down with Becky Bailey, founder of Wild West Wellness and Thermography, dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their health through proactive measures. Becky shares her journey into founding her unique business, inspired by personal experiences and a desire to find holistic health solutions after her 1st husband's battle with cancer. Thermography, a non-invasive and radiation-free imaging technique, becomes the focal point of their discussion, offering insights into its functionality and benefits.

Becky explains how thermography works by detecting temperature variations in the body, which can indicate inflammation and potential health issues. She emphasizes the importance of early detection and proactive lifestyle changes, showcasing how thermography is a valuable preventive healthcare tool. Becky offers various scan options, with the breast and full-body scans being among the most popular, providing individuals with baseline data and facilitating ongoing health monitoring.

The conversation delves into real-life examples where thermography has detected issues beyond cancer, such as infections and inflammation, highlighting its versatility and holistic approach. Additionally, Becky shares her journey with detoxing and juicing, inspired by her 2nd husband's battle with cancer, and the transformative effects it has had on her overall well-being.

Becky's story is a testament to the healing power of holistic approaches to health and wellness.  Maria seals the episode with a guided relaxation designed to help us activate the Heart Chakra. 

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Maria Mayes: [00:00:00] Well, welcome back Chakras and Chardonnay listeners. I'm so excited today because I have with me, um, Becky Bailey, who is the founder and owner of Wild West Wellness and Thermography, and she is dedicating her business to helping men and women take control over their own health. Empower them to make more proactive approach to their health and wellness so they can live life to its fullest.

So that is just so in alignment with what we talk about here at Chakras and Chardonnay and with the mission of Take five. So I'm so excited to have you with us today. Thank you so 

Becky Bailey: much for joining Becky. Oh yeah. It's my pleasure. Thank you for having me. Of course. 

Maria Mayes: So can you share a little bit maybe about how you ended up starting this very unique business, and then we'll talk about, uh, a well-being tip that you can share with the listeners as 

Becky Bailey: well?

Yeah. Great. So, um, I, I've heard about thermography, um, probably about four or five years ago. [00:01:00] And, um, I was on. My journey to being well and finding everything that I can that was natural, um, holistic. And I just, you know, kind of dove into that. And, um, my, I was married, um, twenty-three years ago, and my husband had passed away from cancer and so I lived life in fear of.

That dreaded word, you know, cancer. And I was like, okay, I wish there was something. 'cause just watching him go through what he went through and I just thought, gosh, I really wish there was a better way. What, what, what other way can we find to, you know, maybe be a little more proactive in what our choices are so that we can be healthy, maybe not get to that point.

So I was kind of on the search for that and I found thermography and I'd never heard of it. And so it took me a minute to figure out that this is exactly [00:02:00] what I wanted to do. And, um, once I decided, I just went full force and I am so happy that I did. Oh, beautiful. Well, 

Maria Mayes: beautiful. Um, what a beautiful story of taking pain and turning it into purpose.

Right? Yeah. Thanks. Sorry for the loss of your husband and, and just really. And so, um, honored that you're choosing this path of taking that pain and, and putting it into helping heal others. 

Becky Bailey: So that's amazing. Great. Yeah. Thank. What would 

Maria Mayes: you say? So for a listener who's never heard of thermography and it's like Thermo what?

Therm what? Yeah. 

Becky Bailey: Yeah. You know, what is it? So describe it for us. Okay, so thermography is non-invasive. No radiation. So it's radiation free, which is amazing. Um, it is this really high tech, wonderful camera. So it's tiny, you know, it fits in the palm of your hand camera, and it detects. Um, temperature differences, [00:03:00] heating, cooling.

Um, I'm sure people have seen, you know, they have 'em for houses. Okay. So you can go in a house and they do the plumbing and they can find leaks. And so it's very similar to that. Like you're, but you're going into your body and you're finding different heat patterns, cooling patterns, and um, and then we have a doctor that interprets the images.

Then you'll get a report. We'll go over the report and, and see what the findings are, and then go from there. Wow, 

Maria Mayes: that's fascinating. And it, it's so interesting that it doesn't use any radiation, I would've thought, just from, you know, old school radiation imaging that Right. That would be the case. 

Becky Bailey: So that's, yep.

Yeah. Nope, not the case at all here. So, and 

Maria Mayes: um, I know this is used I think a little bit, I was in the ag tech world before and I remember it being used to image crops to look at heat sensitivity, to 

Becky Bailey: look at, uh, disease. 

Maria Mayes: Yeah. Okay, thanks. Very, very interesting. So tell us a [00:04:00] little bit about the services that you offer with that.


Becky Bailey: um, I have, let's see, there's about, well there's a handful of different scans. Um, you can go to the website. We have, um, the most popular, there's two that are really popular. Um, the breast scan for sure is very, um. That's a really popular scan and then the full body. And so I, I always let people know that the full body is, it's pretty amazing, especially if you haven't done thermography before, because this will give us a baseline of your.

Body and what's going on so that in the future if, say you did break your leg and you wanted to get a scan, well, let's look and see, you know, what, what findings, and we can look back and say, oh, here's what it looked like in 2020. And here's what it looks like now. So I all, I like to recommend full body.

Um, we also have another one, it's, well, [00:05:00] um, women's wellness and that does the, um, breast, the thyroid area, and then the head, the face. Okay. She's also, um, a great scan, so Sounds like it. Yeah. And 

Maria Mayes: I'm assuming that might have something to do with the, well-being tip you're gonna share 

Becky Bailey: with us right. Well, yes, definitely.

I, I definitely would recommend, um, you know, with being proactive, I feel like early detection is important and that's exactly what we offer is this to heat differences, um, in the breast in different patterns that. The, you know, ultrasounds, mammograms, they, they can't detect something like that early. Okay.

If that makes sense. Yeah. So, you know, being proactive and coming in and just, it's once a year unless there's, you know, [00:06:00] some findings that are concerning. You know, it could be up to three to six months to get your next scan. Um, but I definitely. Recommend anybody to come in, be proactive, get that you know, you, especially the breast scan.

Um, it's just so important, you know, 

Maria Mayes: so wait, don't wait till you have a problem. Don't 

Becky Bailey: wait until you have a problem. Yeah, definitely don't wait. It's so much easier to find all, and most of the time all it is is lifestyle changes. That's all. It's, it's so simple. We have, we have so much more power than we realize.

Yes, it is so simple. And, you know, my favorite part about my business is the maintenance. That's my favorite part. I connect with my clients and, you know, I, I just, I love every single one of them and I want what's best for them. So plugging them in and getting [00:07:00] them. Where they need to be and then staying on top of it.

That's my favorite part. I love it. Loves, yeah. So you 

Maria Mayes: offer then services in addition to just the images you're actually offering them, like treatment plans and lifestyle changes for 'em? Yes. 

Becky Bailey: Okay. Wow. Yes, I do. I do offer that. Yeah. And that comes with the consultation that I do after the scan, so there's no charge for that.

Okay. Um, I, I just, I'm so passionate about. Getting others, you know, to live their life to their fullest. So 

Maria Mayes: beautiful. And what, um, is this something that you would use in insurance for, is this something that's typically a private pay, I would assume? 

Becky Bailey: That's a great question. Yeah. It's, it's private pay. Okay.

Yeah. Um, they have, you know, the health savings plans, um, they're, yeah. Those, and the account could work for it. Yes. Those do work. Mm-Hmm. Uh, health insurance. No, unfortunately. [00:08:00] 

Maria Mayes: And what if, for someone who's maybe been used to getting a traditional mammogram and maybe wants to maybe look at an alternative like this, are there advantages?

I mean, one, the lack of radiation, I see that as a huge advantage, but maybe take us through some of the, uh, are there any potential side effects at all? And if so, what are they? And then also, how is it more advantageous and better for health than a mammogram 

Becky Bailey: would be? Well, um, so no side effects, zero side effects.

Um, you come in, it's quick. Breast is 30 minutes, and the longest part of it is acclimating to the room. Okay? It could be at a certain heat level. Yes. Okay. It has to be. Yep. So the room temperature's gonna be between, uh, 68 and 74 degrees. 

Maria Mayes: Oh, that sounds like a vacation right now. Where I'm, I know, right. 

Becky Bailey: He said I'll take it.

Yeah. So it needs to be there. And then once [00:09:00] they acclimate, so it takes 15 minutes. So say you're outside and. You know, it's cool outside. It's foggy day where we live sometimes it's foggy here and it gets foggy. It's cold outside. Your body has to acclimate to the room temperature for this camera to work properly.

I see. And get the proper, you know, findings that it, you know, what we're looking for. So, um, there's that, no, and it has no side effects. So the 30 minutes, 15 of that is acclimating. Okay. So it's, you know, pretty quick and. Um, let's see. So the mammograms, yes. I say with thermography the best. Um, there's no radiation at all, so you're getting zero radiation.

That's the difference. And I have to be pretty careful. I, I, I'm trying my best to, to be compliant. Um, we, you know, we have to be careful. The FDA's, you know, [00:10:00] they're, they. Watch they're watching. So it's tricky. But I would, I would definitely recommend that you come, you get a, a thermography scan. And then with those findings, depending on what we see, if you have the lowest, find the lowest, um, th level.

Um, let's see. So the thermography on the tH level, if those short Yes. So that's the temperature finding. So if it is super low, um, then we're gonna say, great. Come back in a year. Right. Nothing needs to be done. Your, your breasts are in great health. Okay. Okay. Um, same with the TH two. It's a low level, teach threes medium.

And so we always recommend to our clients, we always recommend, you know, we want you to go see your doctor. If there's any type of concerns, you go see your doctor no matter what. [00:11:00] Right? And then they can discuss what, what the next steps would be. Um, together, I always let my clients know, Hey, you have a TH three, so we need to make some changes here because this is your body letting you know that hey.

Something's going on here. Like, you know, and whether we don't know what that could be, but it's a lot of times it's lifestyle. So if we have a, yeah, go ahead. Oh, 

Maria Mayes: I was just gonna ask, um, sorry to interrupt. What types of changes then lifestyle changes you guide them through? So in this example, let's say you've got the TH three.

What would be typically the recommended 

Becky Bailey: step? So th three, a lot of times I find is. Possibly a toxic buildup. Um, our lymphatic system is, um, a lot of times it goes unseen and untalked about, and it's very, very important. And I feel like we first and [00:12:00] foremost talk about dry brushing. We talk about incorporating that into daily routines.

And then the next one would be eliminating that into daily routines. Um, and then the next one would be eliminating. Certain toxins from the environment that we have control over, because that's super important. And then my favorite is food and, and trying to, you know, clean up what we have going on there, because that's so, it's so broad and there's so many pesticides and so many, you know, toxic, um, processed foods.

It's just, you know. That's a whole nother rabbit hole. For 

Maria Mayes: sure. For sure. That's certainly a step one, I think in anybody's case, and for anybody who's listening who doesn't know what dry brushing is, this is a process where you use, literally, it looks like a, this old, old hairbrush kind of, but it, right?

Yeah. Like a baby brush. Yeah. Yeah. Like a baby brush. That's a good way to describe it. And then it's [00:13:00] a process of literally brushing the skin, going in specific directions of the lymphatic system. 

Becky Bailey: Yep. 

Maria Mayes: Do you recommend people do it before? So I do mine before I shower. 

Becky Bailey: When do you recommend people do it?

Yes. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's usually when I, I recommend people do that. I do the same. Yeah. Very cool. Yeah. 

Maria Mayes: Um, so that's just, I mean, this is so huge to have this option to look into the physical form, right. And see where 

Becky Bailey: we're at, to create a baseline and then move 

Maria Mayes: through it. That's just phenomenal. So are there other things that it looks for or can detect outside of like early cancer?

Are there other 

Becky Bailey: things it can detect? Oh yeah. Um, well, inflammation is huge. Inflammation. Yep. Inflammation is huge. And it definitely can, I mean, we find it all over. I did mine and. Um, I, there was a lot of inflammation going on. It showed my face and my [00:14:00] face, it looks like, um, sinus, uh, major sinus problems.

Okay. Which is, is crazy because for me, I don't have sinus issues. I've, I mean, not that I know of. No symptom. And so then I'm working with my doctor who, um, noticed in my blood work that I have a lot of bacteria and mold. Well, that's a sign of mold. And so my body, that's my, my sign. That was my sign. That's how I knew.

I was like, oh, wow. This is, this is crazy. 

Maria Mayes: And what were, what, did you have any physical symptoms? You said you didn't have any sinus symptoms. Did you have other 

Becky Bailey: symptoms? So my symptoms for that, um, I, so going through menopause, um, those were my only symptoms. Okay. And so I just was like, I gotta get these, I gotta get going on something.

I'm, you know, I'm not, I'm not [00:15:00] old, but I, I started menopause at a very young age. I was forty-two. Okay. And so for me, I, you know, I just was like, oh, I don't know what's happening to my body. This is crazy. And. Come to find out the symptoms and everything. It's, it's it, that wasn't just menopause symptoms.

That was symptoms to a lot of other stuff that I had going on. Right. 

Maria Mayes: So, yeah, this, I love just like the holistic aspect of it, looking at it from a really Literal interesting lens, this thermography lens. Yeah. Able to, you know, pictures worth a thousand words. 

Becky Bailey: Right, right.

Maria Mayes: Super empowering, I think for all. Yeah. 

Becky Bailey: So yeah, I have a lot of examples and um, you know, one gal came in and she went to a biological dentist and she had gotten a root canal and wanted to go ahead and have. [00:16:00] The scan done. So you know here in your jawline you can see the root canal, and then a lot of times you can see down the neck, thyroid into the chest, and people don't realize that oral health is so important and it can create breast cancer.

Wow. It really can. And she had the highest level. She was, you know, at a TH five. And so we, you know, talked about things and, um, come to find out it was, it, she, um, did not have breast cancer. But it was an infection that was showing draining into her chest. Oh, wow. Yeah, it was wild. Wow. So, right. You know, it, it was one of those things like, oh, thank you that she did not, you know, have breast cancer.

Sure. Um, and, but she was, she was really having to, she had to take a whole nother path. But, yeah. So. [00:17:00] Awesome. Wow. Just one example. Yeah. 

Maria Mayes: I'm sure you have a lot more. And that's such a, I mean, it's such an amazing new way to leverage technology. A lot of times we, there's a lot of fear right now around technology with AI and everything, and this is just such a great example of how the advances in technology can, one, leverage with then mindfulness of how can I change my lifestyle?

Right. Um, can be a win-win. So I love it. So I've got one more question for you, but before we get to that, I'd love to know, um, if you could share with the listeners where they can find you, how they can get a scan. 

Becky Bailey: Yes. Okay. So, um, I have a website. You can go to the website, um, and that's

And um, you can also find me on Instagram wildwestthermography. So those are great places to reach out. Um, I also have the email, you can email me info at [00:18:00] And you're located in, I am located in Santa ynez and I also have, um, I work out of Granite Bay area, which is near, uh, Sacramento.

Yeah. So those are my two locations. Yeah. Beautiful. Well, I'm 

Maria Mayes: gonna pick the Santa Ynez 

Becky Bailey: location. Yeah, yeah. Come on over. It's way cooler. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna pick the color of the locations for sure. 

Maria Mayes: So for the listeners, um, if you need a reason to go to Santa Ynez Valley, other than the wine, here's a great reason.

So I so appreciate. Um, you sharing this with us and it's just each piece like this of us being able to be enlightened by, oh, another potential option to empower my health is, is so fascinating to 

Becky Bailey: me. So I appreciate that. Yeah. Yeah. And all those 

Maria Mayes: links will be in the show notes for listeners so that you can reach out and find Becky.

And now I'd love to know what type [00:19:00] of wine you like to mindfully enjoy, 

Becky Bailey: if any. Okay, so at this very moment I am not drinking wine. Um, so I've been four months in of this detox and no wine, but I did love drinking brick barn wine. Wow. Okay. And that is in builtin California. And they have the best champagne.

Oh my goodness. Yes. So Sounds good. We'll have to that out. Yeah. Check out. Do check that out. You mind 

Maria Mayes: sharing a little bit more about the, the detox? What prompted it as it related to some of the findings on your thermography? So, 

Becky Bailey: oh my gosh. I know, and I don't, this is, this is wild. My story is wild, but my husband now, who, um, is the love of my life, he got kidney, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in April.

Oh wow. Yeah. And so we [00:20:00] decided not to take the same route that I had taken with my first husband, twenty-three years ago, because it didn't end well. And so anyways, we have taken this treatment. Um. A whole new route. He's done everything holistic. Okay. Everything. Wow. And, um, scans are showing his tumor shrinking.

He, yeah, it's, he's no cancer cells in his blood anymore. Like, it's just wild. Wow. So amazing. Yes. So we went to Sedona. Okay. To, um, it was called the Sedona Wellness Retreat. Okay. Where they provided the Gerson therapy, which is food based. And then he did a bunch a month long of different therapies. Well, I got to be his companion, and so I did, I got to eat the food as well.

Mm-Hmm. And I got three juices that started the [00:21:00] detox. Oh, okay. And it, I mean, it was wild. I've never experienced anything like it. Wow. And so, um, we decided that we were gonna just stay on this path until he's completely well. And so we've just been, you know, just eating differently and I love it. 

Maria Mayes: So can I ask you, um, since you know why is just another form of juice, let's talk about these juices 

Becky Bailey: that Yeah.

Let's, that you're drinking. Tell me a little 

Maria Mayes: about the flavors and the. 

Becky Bailey: So he was getting 13 juices a day. Um, I was, I was doing three. Okay. So for cancer patients that nutrients is, is very, very important because he wasn't getting any, he wasn't able to eat, he was in pain. So the juicing was amazing. He was getting three carrot juices, straight carrot juice.

He was getting three, um, no, maybe it was four. It was four, sorry, four carrot [00:22:00] juice. Four carrot, apple and then there was four green, and the green had like bell pepper chard, the green lettuce, endive watercress. There was, you know, it was a specific recipe that we used and we graduated from that. We cut the juices back and so now we're kind of just having fun with the different juice recipes.

Oh, okay. Yeah. And what 

Maria Mayes: improvements have you seen in your overall just vibrancy, health, all that stuff from 

Becky Bailey: the juicing? Well, I have way more energy. Okay. Yeah. I have way more energy. Um, and I just, I feel, I feel like I was, I'm already a thin person. Mm-Hmm. I've, I've always been very thin, but he has taken my.

What little fat that I did have. I have four kids, so I had this, I carried my body. Never wanted to get [00:23:00] rid of this little tummy thing that I had. You know, even though I was still skinny, I had this little pooch thing, and my body's like, I'm never releasing you. Yes. And so for whatever reason. It it, for years, I did everything I could, but this has gotten me down to, I feel like, my natural state of like what I'm supposed to be at.

Oh, wow. And it feels so good. I feel so good. It's just, I don't know how else to describe it. 

Maria Mayes: That's so amazing. And I mean, and when you're feeling so good, why change that? Right, exactly. 

Becky Bailey: Right. Yeah, exactly. That's awesome. Well, I'm 

Maria Mayes: so excited that you shared that with our listeners because I think yeah. The healing power of what we put into our bodies and making that conscious decision to go a, uh, a different route Right, right.

And making the conscious decision to do it with your partner and to see how it might change and impact your life for the better is, is just phenomenal. So thank you for sharing that. 

Becky Bailey: Very [00:24:00] inspiring. Yeah. Yeah, no problem. 

Maria Mayes: Beautiful. Well, it's been such a joy. Thank you so much. All the notes will be in, um, or all the, the links will be in the show notes to get ahold of Becky, and I highly recommend you check 'em out.

I know. I will be checking it out myself, 

Becky Bailey: so, yeah. Well, thank you so much for having me. 

Maria Mayes: It's been a joy. 

Becky Bailey: Yeah, thank you.