Chakras & Chardonnay

Ep. 40 Harmonizing Healing: Exploring Reiki & Sound Healing

March 27, 2024 Maria Mayes Season 2 Episode 40
Chakras & Chardonnay
Ep. 40 Harmonizing Healing: Exploring Reiki & Sound Healing
Show Notes

In Episode 40, the Season 2 Finale of "Chakras and Chardonnay," host Maria Mayes welcomes Elizabeth Marshall, founder of Reiki Uprising. Straddling the worlds of classical music and energy healing, Elizabeth Marshall has cultivated a career path that has spanned nearly three decades and the entirety of the globe.  

As a cellist, Elizabeth has worked with headliners such as Lady Gaga, The Eagles, Andrea Bocelli, Weird Al Yankovich, Lionel Richie, Jon Secada, and Seth MacFarlane.  As owner of Rise Wellness and the Reiki Uprising in Portland, Oregon, Elizabeth has cultivated a Reiki certification program that has produced over 300 Reiki practitioners to date.  Elizabeth has been fortunate enough to combine the two paths of her life into one cohesive experience through sound healing workshops that include cello, singing bowls, drones, and beats. 

In their discussion, Elizabeth introduces Reiki as the channeling of universal intelligence to send healing energy to others, emphasizing its ability to inspire healing and turn the tide of negativity. Elizabeth shares her journey from being a professional cellist to transitioning full-time into energy healing, citing the correlation between music, vibration, and energy healing. 

Listeners gain insight into Reiki sessions and sound healing techniques as Elizabeth describes the process of a Reiki session, highlighting relaxation and the body's innate healing abilities. She also discusses the complementary role of sound healing, including cello music and singing bowls, in addressing specific needs and chakra blockages.

As the conversation moves to wine Elizabeth shares her love of the varied nuances of Oregon Pinot Noir. The episode concludes with a special gift of meditation to a beautiful cello piece by Elizabeth. 

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